The Max Pulse
For Early Detection of Heart Disease

Screening for Patient Arterial Stiffness, and Circulation Issues.

"The future of cardiovascular research is to stop the disease before it starts,"
Dr. Steven Houser, President of the American Heart Association

The Max Pulse Screening Device

Max Pulse Introduction

A Video Introduction to the Max Pulse

This 4 minute video will explain how to use the Max Pulse and the benefits it can offer to your medical practice.

Max Pulse Cardiovascular Testing

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The Max Pulse will show you in just 1 minute if your patient is suffering from arterial wall stiffness and gives you an accurate estimate of the biological age of the arteries.

The simple finger clip is non-invasive and the test is very simple to administer. The information allows you to get your patient onto an appropriate program to address the problem before it develops into something more serious.

The Max Pulse can help Healthcare Practitioners reduce cardiovascular disease in their patient populations through early detection and prevention and assist to decrease the incidents and trauma associated with the cardiovascular system.

Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer for both men and women in the United States with an estimated economic cost of over $300 billion.

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"One of the best medical tools I have ever used and it provides
one of the most comprehensive cardiovascular screenings available."
Dr. N